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Links to other Philosophy sites


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy — An excellent site with a useful search feature.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy — A reliable source of philosophical information.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet — A comprehensive list of philosophical web sites.
Philosophy around the Web — Peter King's thorough index of on-line philosophy.
Philosophy Research Base — A fine collection of links from Danne Polk.

Episteme Links.

Ethics Updates — Fine source of information on theoretical and applied ethics.
Women's Studies Resources — Including feminist theory; from Karla Tonella.
Mind/Brain Resources — Cognitive science materials from Valerie Gray Hardcastle.
History of Economic Thought — Archive at McMaster University.
Blupete — Peter Landry's fine materials on law, literature, and philosophy.
The Realm of Existentialism — An excellent introduction by Katarena Eiermann.
EnviroLink — Extensive treatment of environmental and animal rights issues.
Anarchist Archives — Dana Ward's excellent resource for anarchist history and literature.
The Secular Web — A worthwhile source for nontheistic thought.

Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy
Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity

Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.
August 10-16, 1998
World Congress of Philosophy

International Society for Chinese Philosophy — from Chung-Ying Cheng.
Encéphi, L'encyclopédie électronique de la philosophie — Par R. Tremblay et M. Robert.
Die Philosophie-Seiten — Ein Verzeichnis von Philosophie-Datenquellen von Dieter Köhler.
Philosophers Today — Von Joachim Koch und Lara Bandilla.
PhilNet: Internet-AG — Am Philosophischen Seminar der Universität Hamburg.
Servizui Web Italiano per la Filosofia — Lucian Floridi, Università di Bari.
Philosophy Links — from fambof in the Netherlands.
phrónesis — a philosophical review published by el Grupo Sartre in Argentina.
The Philosophy Net — from Daniel Rönnedal, in Swedish and English.

Animus — An excellent on-line philosophical journal.
The Philosophers' Magazine — An attractive magazine for philosophical issues.
Factasia Philosophy — R. B. Jones's extensive philosophy site.
Truth Awakens — Philosophical Essays from Joshua J. Peete.
Society for Philosophical Inquiry — from Chris Phillips.
Philosophical Humor — Sufficient conditions for producing an occasional smile.

Philosophy Links at
Yahoo! Philosophy

The Online Books Page — A general guide to available electronic texts in many fields.
The Perseus Project — A digital library of classical texts from Tufts University.
Classics at MIT — Searchable collection of electronic texts from the ancient world.

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